Edition 23 - How to make the wait more pleasant for your users? Let us tell you about Splash screens.

Have you ever been searching for a product that could solve your needs but could not choose one because all somehow look the same? Or it becomes harder for you to choose between 2 services because they offer the same features? The only thing differentiates them is their design, but even that somehow becomes the same. So why do all products on the market look the same with little difference?

You can’t just ‘add AI’ to a project and expect it to work. It isn’t magic dust that can be sprinkled on a product. The key to building systems that are integrated into people’s lives is trust. If you don’t have the right amount of trust, you open the system up to disuse and misuse. Read on to get a brief introduction to AI/ML and there are a lot of things that more experienced practitioners can learn about trust in AI.

A great Product can quickly become mediocre when it starts to chase short term wins. Product teams face complex decisions daily, where there are multiple possible outcomes that seem reasonable. The goal of the Product Manager is to make sure the best possible outcome is chosen. Let’s explore how to recognize when we’re being pulled towards making a near-sighted decision, and how to keep focused on the long game.

Don’t make users wait for content to load is a fundamental rule of good mobile UX design. Mobile designers are familiar with this rule. But still, there are times when it’s hard (or even impossible) to comply with load time standards. No matter what causes slow loading time, the goal of good mobile UX is to smooth the waiting time. And that’s where splash screens might come handy. 

No matter how innovative and profitable your startup is, setbacks are always lurking. It could be out of your control, like a natural disaster, or it could be an internal problem that spirals beyond your control, such as a customer service hiccup that goes viral. Regardless of the exact situation, your startup needs to be prepared to weather any storm. That may sound impossible, but it can be achieved. Have a look at these 7 techniques.

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