Edition 22 - How to setup a powerful API w/ Nodejs, MongoDB, GraphQL, Hapi and Swagger?

Animation in user interfaces has been an issue of hot debates for several years so far. It’s especially active in the domain of conceptual animation for user interfaces. It offers creative experiments and pushes the limits of UI motion. Also, conceptual animation is one of the creative stages of user interface design, as motion designer may offer different options to discuss with clients and developers.

Just Separating your frontend & backend has many advantages. The biggest reason why reusable APIs are popular – APIs allow you to consume data from a web client, mobile app, desktop app–any client really. Read along and get to know how to build a very powerful, yet flexible GraphQL API based on NodeJS with Swagger documentation powered by MongoDB, while keeping the main back bone of this API as Hapi.js framework.

Most introductory texts to Neural Networks brings up brain analogies when describing them. Without delving into brain analogies, it can be easier to simply describe Neural Networks as a mathematical function that maps a given input to a desired output. Understanding the inner workings of a Neural Network is important to any aspiring Data Scientist of course, but it’s beneficial for aspiring data scientist to gain a deeper understanding of Neural Networks.

In the competitive Tech era, every web application is presumed to be highly responsive. Yes, even the complex enterprise applications bursting with large data tables and charts. Even if it isn’t the best fit, every type of content should be accessible from any kind of device. Responsive Web Design(RWD) is an approach to web design which makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. 

Naysayers could argue that small businesses don’t need a website any more, they just need a sales funnel. But web presence doesn’t have to be hosted on ClickFunnels to effectively drive customers to call up, or book an appointment or session. Here, the Broader point indeed is : What’s the use of website if it doesn’t help your Business grow? If your website is out-of-date, is badly designed, or has typos and pixelated images, your customers will simply click away back to Google and book with your competitor instead.

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