Edition 21 - You've heard of "Design Thinking", but do you really know what it is? Let us tell you!

Design Thinking is defined in different ways by various academics, industry leaders but somehow all believe in keeping the customer at the core while designing a new product/service or improving an existing product/service. Here you will go through some of the most popular and widely accepted thoughts surrounding design thinking, it’s various phases and it’s application to problem-solving.

Just a few years ago, you could post hundreds and hundreds of blog posts on your website, furiously direct traffic to them through all your social platforms, amass zillions of inbound links; target a bunch of keywords; and easily rank on Google. Controlling your message and gaining customers was(well, almost) a piece of cake. No longer. The halcyon years are over, as Gartner’s Hype Cycle predicted and now we’re knee-deep in the trough of disillusionment.

Animations are a big part of the user experience for chatbot designs. Many software companies use chatbots to provide customer support and nourish the growth in the relationship with prospective and existing customers. Having an animation or a graphic breaks the ice at the beginning of a conversation. When a chatbot characteristically introduces him/herself, it’s more powerful than just saying hi. It fills up the blank spot to help the user naturally familiarize its presence. 

One of the first questions to ask when hiring a data scientist for your startup is how will data science improve our product? Here you will get to know how to build a data science platform from scratch for a startup, providing real examples using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that you can try out yourselves. Don’t take our word for it, dive in and find out more yourself. 

The skill of using your your time efficiently is among the most crucial ones you can master. There isn’t anything else in life that can give you as much advantage and ability to design a life you want, so you can achieve the goals you have. Look at these 10 techniques which alone can provide you with the biggest leverage in life, as fast as possible.

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