Edition 20 - How to actually get that immaculate Chatbot experience?

Chat-bots are here to stay, but they aren’t the overnight paradigm shift some thought they would be for one reason: they’re hard to pull off. Chat-bots are revolutionary because they feel like a more human way to interact with our devices, but that’s what makes it so easy to get wrong. 

With iOS 11.3, Apple has silently added support for the basic set of new Technologies behind the idea of “Progressive Web Apps” (PWAs). Its time to see how they work, what are their abilities and challenges, and what do you need to know if you already have a published PWA.

SEO, for those of you out there that don’t know what that is, is Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it’s a special secret code that you can use to get the attention of that fickle beast that is Google. The more you stand out, the better you rank. Everyone’s goal is to be featured on the first page front and center, but most will take being in the top 10 if I can get it.

Graphic design is a professional sphere of human activity that lies at the crossroads of visual arts, communication, psychology and other expert areas. A graphic designer makes graphics transfer the message, so they become functional. Graphic designers can be described as a type of creatives applying their talents not in the pure art with an aesthetic satisfaction as a prime, but communicating and purposeful art. 

Overplaying to your strengths can be dangerous. If you are applying always the same type of thinking, you are keeping your brain in the comfort zone. The secret to hacking your bran is to train the whole, not just the usual parts. Learn to think like Hackers, Navy SEALs, and Anthropologists do. 

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