Edition 19 -Ever wondered what an API does and how it actually functions like?

Technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface. At some point or another, most large companies have built APIs for their customers, or for internal use. But how do you explain API in plain English? And is there a broader meaning than the one used in development and business? Let’s pull back and look at things from a very basic perspective in this article.

It has always been the FinTechs (financial technologies) which are seizing upon the opportunity to disrupt the structures of the financial industry — which have been the status quo since the last industrial revolution of the 19th Century. But what is the definition of industrial revolution? It is primarily defined by evolutionary leaps that are turning old economic, social, political and cultural paradigms into dust. Find out why Blockchain promises to bring on another industrial revolution now. 

Every time a person uses your product, they are forming opinions, getting lost, confused, along with a lot of other unexpected things you might find interesting. Your team only get to decide if they will listen and learn from the user’s behaviour — or not. If you choose to listen by conducting user research, you can make positive changes before releasing your product. If not, you can lose a competitive advantage, and customers in the process. 

Entrepreneurs make a common mistake when it comes to raising money for their startup — they don’t start soon enough.They think they should put their heads down and develop their prototypes or set up their business, and then put some thought into getting funding. But it doesn’t work like that.You can’t spend six months building a prototype, then wake up one morning and decide it’s time to fundraise and watch the money flow in.

Just like one of the ways to increase profits is to reduce costs, one of the ways to get a handle on information is to reduce the amount coming in. You may have to be incredibly proactive, like the guy who created an information blockade. Also, you can build methods to process the information that does make its way to you, and habits to regularly execute those methods.

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