Edition 18 -What are the most common, yet most critical mistakes people make during Android development?

The creative industry has always been faced with a rapidly changing landscape, but in 2018 we face some of the largest, and most unknown challenges yet. The way people interact with computers, how we go about doing our jobs, and the fundamental nature of ‘creative work’ is shifting faster than ever before. Find out how.

Websites are revamped for all sorts of reasons — sadly, many businesses don’t realize that their website needs refreshing. In an even worse scenario, rival businesses may gain a competitive edge by improving their website, boosting their conversions while yours may be falling behind. Is your website guilty of any of these? If so, it might be time for a redesign!

The ever lasting race is on between tech giants to decide who will control what you see every time you open your eyes. Augmented Reality— the technology that seamlessly inserts computer generated content into your surroundings— has been championed as the next computing platform, and it’s finally hitting the shelves. 

In any endeavor, it is of utmost importance to know what are the top few things that need to be done right. But, it is equally important, if not more, to know what are the top things people should be avoiding at all costs. Today, we make you be familiar with what are the most critical mistakes that should be avoided during developing an Android app.

Investors aren’t evil. After all, most of them are genuinely interested in putting, not just money, but value into their investments. But they aren’t the only way to build your startup empire. There’s an alternative path being carved out by a growing breed of founders; or, as they’re collectively known, ‘bootstrappers’. These are entrepreneurs who build their ventures with little to no outside funding.

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