Edition 16 -A great back story is always a necessity for a product to become great! But why?

Why do we always need a great story too along with a great product? When you’re in a crowded marketplace, a strong story that resonates with users can be a great way to differentiate yourself. And while it may be up to the Marketing to strategize, build and publish a story within the branding identity, UX Designers are in a great position to add value to that story. Read along to find more!

Laravel, time and again, always comes on top winning the battle of PHP frameworks. Coming a long way back since 2011, Laravel framework has undoubtedly taken over the world wide web. Being a well-known PHP framework around the world with a dynamic framework that is more powerful fast, and very simple to use. Wanna find out more? Then read along and continue!

Just like the digitization of banking has forced incumbents to change their strategies, the digitization of payments has provided companies like WorldPay, Vantiv and lately even Stripe, PayPal/Braintree and Adyen to take up much of the market share, not by focusing on traditional businesses, but by focusing on startups who have grown to overshadow and sometimes even bankrupt traditional businesses. But as more and more businesses are understanding that digital is the new traditional, we often wonder what’s next for the payments industry?

Influencers are among the most magical, powerful creatures in social media. Within specific niches or across large audiences, they have the power to shape how people think about an issue,start important conversations, make businesses stand up and take notice and more. Outside of having a large following, how do they do it? How did influencers amass the following they have in the first place? Find out the top things Influencers actually do to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

2017 was a great year for Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency. There have been many researches and breakthroughs in AI industry and definitely AI is one of the trendiest technology these days and even more in the future. It was a massive bull run with some insane returns on investment on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and so on. Read on and find out how to successfully predict the Bitcoin and Ethereum prices using LSTM networks to build a single point prediction model. 

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