Edition 15 -Interesting facts about chatbots, Effect of Blockchain on AI, The Mistakes of ICO Marketing & a lot more!

The rise of the chatbots around the world just continues to grow at an exponential rate. If you want to keep up, you have to move fast so your business isn’t left behind. Every day, more people are discovering the many benefits of Chatbots. They are easy to use.They save your customer’s time and provide you with lots of benefits once thought unimaginable. Read along to find more!

Blockchain has been touted as one of the emerging technologies with the potential to disrupt every industry available. Compared to other centralized technologies, blockchain technology makes operation safer, faster and more transparent. The impact of this technology has been experienced in the financial sector already with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more!​

The brain contains billions of neurons with tens of thousands of connections between them. Deep learning algorithms resemble the brain in many conditions, as both the brain and deep learning models involve a vast number of computation units (Neurons) that are not extraordinarily intelligent in isolation. Wanna find out more? Then read along and continue! 

ICOs are becoming the new standard for entrepreneurs to get invested by communities. There is an opportunity lying there for advertising and digital agencies in that spot! Since we know how to create good case studies for award shows and clients and we design many apps/websites we know how to do it in its best form. Learn what are the possible mistakes the marketers fail to identify and end up committing on a recurring basis.

Have you ever used an app for the first time and you thought “WOW! this app really gets me?” Well, that’s a sign of a well-designed and thought-out app… And yes, we know your experience sometimes feels exactly the opposite, overwhelming and frustrating! But doesn’t it all eventually boil down to that immaculate design that can actually keep you hooked or get you unhooked of it? Well, you guessed totally right 

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