Edition 14 -A boost or a boon? From the business understanding of AI to speculating over its common misconceptions.

A.I or Artificial Intelligence has been making a buzz in the media for quite some time now. Companies like Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple etc are investing heavily in the field of AI. But what exactly are we referring to when we say AI? 

Artificial intelligence is no longer the sole domain of tech companies like Google, Facebook, IBM or Amazon. Recognizing the potential of exponential technologies like A.I. and bots, creative agencies like Ogilvy and consulting firms like McKinsey and Accenture now proudly feature A.I. departments. The message to executives is clear: it’s time to understand and leverage trends in automation and artificial intelligence. 

The reasoning behind intelligence explosion, like many of the early theories about AI that arose in the 1960s and 1970s, is sophistic: it considers “intelligence” in a completely abstract way, disconnected from its context, and ignores available evidence about both intelligent systems and recursively self-improving systems.

The Most Important Rule in Product Design, and Possibly Life Management. There is one principle of organization that every human should adhere to, particularly people who design products.

Startups are kind of synonymous with innovation, aren’t they? It’s supposed to be the big companies, enterprises, MegaCo. Inc. that can’t figure out innovation. Aren’t startups just “naturally” great at innovation? Find out why we claim so!

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