Edition 13 - Use of node.js for face recognition, debating whether AI would finally take over the world in all facets of society!

Find out how you are going to see how to perform robust face detection and face recognition using face-recognition.js. I was looking for a promising Node.js library that produces accurate face recognition results, found none, thus decided to create one!. 

An AI product gets better if you have more data flowing from the product’s users. A product that doesn’t improve with more data is a platform or an enabling technology, not a product. How we claim that? Dive in to find out more about this. 

In the latest version of iOS, Apple upgraded our beloved Control Center by now giving us the ability to customize it a bit. At first, when I heard about this new Control Center, with the customization options, I got all excited.This feature is meant to save us time by providing relevant shortcuts, but in order to add or edit these shortcuts.

Saying “the Cryptocurrency market is crazy!” would be an understatement. After the recent bloodbath and Bitconnect shutting down & many people losing their life savings, it is even more evident. Let’s start with Bitcoin, and discuss all of the kind out there! 

Paradoxically, we often find ourselves frozen like a deer in headlights when confronted with a difficult task. As well, much like deer, the best thing we can do is move in any direction, fast. When a task is particularly difficult, you need all the time you are given to complete it. 

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