Edition 10 - Success mantra for Appreneurs, Guide to Deep learning, Tips for perfect design thinking.

Being an appreneur is no easy task, and it takes a lot to succeed among the fierce competition out there. Now, while there aren’t any hard and fast rules to guarantee success, we wanna provide you with a handful of key strategies and advices from mobile experts and founders who have excelled following certain set of rules. 

Ever been confused around the whole web spun of complexities revolving around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning lately all around the world? Well we bring to you the best explanation to all your questions on the subject. Once you’ve read this article, you will understand how Deep learning, the most popular type of ML, really works. 

The critical “investigative phase” should not be bypassed—it is a vital component in the design-thinking process. It is where carefully formulated questions reveal themselves as a great way to approach a design problem even before designers start “designing.” By knowing how questions work and how to use them cleverly, designers can unleash the potential of good questions to build understanding, trigger the imagination, and foster collaboration. 

Virtual reality is groundbreaking, in that it makes users feel as if we’re physically in a 3D world. There are many types of VR, from non-immersion to fully immersive, which has the potential to take you to places you physically can’t go. Ever wanted to walk on the moon, for instance? With VR technology, you can. 

 If you are the kind of person who works really hard and makes a good living, but feels exhausted and drained at the end of the day, then we want to make you familiar with the fact that something is indeed wrong which needs to be fixed. And the best part is that the solution is a lot easier than you think, have a look at this article and find out. 

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