Edition 09 -Insights on virtual & augmented reality, accessible UI designs, Bot personality development & some self-productivity tips.

Profit depends not only on how hard you work but importantly on how smart you work. Here are trends that app developers need to know in order to monetize their apps successfully in a dynamic mobile landscape. 

In the arc of every modern technology’s development, a great deal of attention is initially focused on the technology itself but, future of this technology remains wide open. And every company should be including AR and/or VR applications in its customer engagement lifecycle. 

Designing for accessibility spreads the benefits of good UX.Improving your product’s accessibility enhances the usability for everyone who uses it because in today’s world internet is for everyone. 

We can really say bots are making big news now, and because they are all about conversations we need to create personalities that people want to interact with. We say this is as important as much as its functionality is. 

We all have had plans that we never worked on, but on the bigger picture, this means we are loosing out a lot of opportunities.There is a solution for this! 

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