Edition 08 - Recurring simple UX mistakes, Efficient use of Go tools & Git Lab, An average user's perspective of iPhone X interface.

Continuous integration offers better business results, they can bring products to market faster, by finding issues when they are young and small, not waiting until they are large and more difficult to fix. They can also respond better to requirements that are introduced while the product is being developed. This creates a better product for the customer, which is the real promise of agility. 

A good UX deliverable clearly communicates its purpose and what it’s trying to achieve. It anticipates any questions and scenarios which may be posted and this depends on presentation skills. 

Creating a great UX is nothing but learning, observing, ideating, iterating and testing. There are few common mistakes that almost every designer falls prey to at some point in their career. 

The ultimate motto of iPhone X is said to be “Simplicity is the ultimate   sophistication.” Now it’s the ultimate mess.

Discipline creates freedom.Create a consistent, repeatable rhythm as you manage expenses and optimize sales. Keep it going.

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