Edition 07 - Flawless design techniques, business branding tips & a lot more!

In software development, there is always an out of control situation to handle one or the other way! It’s as if the project has a life of its own, and is trying to destroy your life.Here are some tips that will help you overcome this.

The designs that you are creating are not just beautiful visual elements and decorations they are the actual answer to the problem you are trying to solve. Don’t you agree?

We totally believe that only when we dig deep into other success stories and find inspirations we will be able to learn more, do more and grow more. So here is something that was useful for us!

In today’s world, you need to stand out from the crowd to be a successful seller because the number you are competing with is enormous but what if i say developing a well-defined personal brand is the solution?

Life is about moving forward working, hustling, striving, and achieving more and making consistent progress. You can’t do everything at the same time. It’s much more effective to focus your effort on one thing. Know why!

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