Edition 03 - New in tech, design hacks & self development tips from Siam Computing

We believe in seeing the right opportunities before they become obvious so, now that JavaScript is the next big thing in front end field we wanted to keep you guys updated.

Databases play a major role in the success and failure of a product, So it is very important to use the right one, here is a detailed study on Neo4J and why and where you should be using it.

Some of you might have always had this dilemma whether to use the design kits and templates or create your own template every time, here are the reasons why you should probably be using them and how it can help your projects.

Whenever there is a new technique or technology available we are intrigued to know more about it with the question “will this help my process/project”, so designers here is everything you would want to know about atomic web design. 

Only when you learn to say ”I don’t know this”, you will find yourself open to opportunities to learn more, only when you learn more you can gain enough knowledge to achieve greater purposes!

If a 10-Minute routine can help you increase your productivity isn’t that an investment? If you agree with us and are willing to make time for your improvement please do

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