Edition 02 - Cloud tech, business tips & lot more useful insights from Siam Computing.

Cloud has already been a blessing, with increased speed and reduced costs cloud technology has taken technology in whole to another level. Here is the next advancement, clouds can be used serverless.In a serverless application, each function is unbundled and served independently. You can think of each function as a micro-server.

Following up is always a cliched act because we may actually annoy the person we are trying to help out! But what if these are just our illusions what if we are supposed to look at it from a different perspective.

5 seconds may seem very little to many of us and this title itself may be funny too, but this is a very powerful technique where those 5 seconds can help us find the energy and motivation to do a lot more in life. There is more of  psychology involved in it.

In every business, we target that “single metric that best captures the core value that your product delivers to customers(NSB)”, but what if this is the wrong way what if there is another metric that constrains the NSM and ensures that the NSM grows in a way that is sustainable and creates long-term value and we are ignoring it.

If you have been designing websites, you will know creating a split-screen is always the tricky part. Here is a piece of note on everything you would want to know about split-screens and create killer designs.

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