Be a problem solver

We are a growing organisation, we are a young team. There are all sorts of problems to be solved and the pace is fast, but at the heart of it you will find a team that is eager to learn, hungry to grow and wants to have fun while doing it. 

Learning Is Key

We believe that learning is a life-long process. That’s why we come up with interactive learning initiatives for our team members to stay ahead of the curve always!

Life at siam
Monthly L&D Sessions

Domain based learning plan for every individual to enable continuous learning and upskilling, that helps align the goal & performance of individuals with the organization’s plan & vision.

Product Thinking

Product Thinking is a unique set of knowledge, skills and mindset. This is a weekly session led by Khuze on frameworks, techniques and methods that go into building great products. 

Life at siam
GTP Program

We empower beginners, especially first-gen college-goers in their families, with the right guidance to transition into professional and kickstart their careers with confidence.

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