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When we started Siam Computing, we were clear of one thing. Our core differentiator is going to be our people. We are building a SWAT team of achievers who are driven to keep finding the best version of themselves. If this is something you relate to, come join the team.


Apart from building products that potentially millions of users will have their hands on, there are several things that come added to the benefits of being at Siam. One of the core things we will always continue to invest on for our team is the emphasis on learning and this comes through clearly on all the things we do. 

Lunch & Learn

Every last friday of the month, we huddle up, get some food and pick a topic of conversation that is of general interest to us. In the past we have done sessions on storytelling, learning and food.  


We fancy staying updated in our domains. This is exactly why there are hackathons once every month: we take an emerging tech and break it down to understand what’s what. 

Town Hall Meeting 

Wanna pick on a fight on your team leader? THM. Wanna learn business etiquettes? THM. Want lattes instead of kaapis? THM. Oh, and also reports on the status of the entire company.

Meetups & Events

We try to play an active part in the chennai ecosystem. We organise and attend several meetups including WordPress, Mongodb & Entrepreneurship. 

Leisure Activities

We all would like some sports between the gizmos, wouldn’t we? TT Tables, regular inter team sports competitions and indoor cricket. We find ways to keep ourselves amused. 


Be it birthday or pongal. We realise that our team spends the most amount of working hours in office and our HR team goes out of their way to celebrate big and small things. We just need an excuse. 


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