Will The Consumers Accept Something New In The Market?

Products are created to be sold. They are introduced to make our life better. But releasing a product into the market will not ensure its selling. The people get intimidated by a product if it is of an entirely new genre. Human beings are usually comfy with their existing practices and a sudden change will be too overwhelming and too complex for them to accept.

Accepting Change Takes Time

Often, when  out-of-the-routine behavior  is  faced by people, they may not find it simple. They prefer to stick  to what they are  familiar  with even  though  those  methods and activities may cost them more than the new techniques. Give them time and human beings will get acclimatized to the change.So when you introduce something into the market, make it something that is familiar, yet done differently instead of introducing an entirely new thing that is alien to the consumers. Everyone likes “new and improved” but in relatively modest proportions. People don't want something new, they want the familiar done differently.

They'll Catch The Bait Soon

Basically before the new product is brought out in the market, the target audience must be familiarized with it by opening them to a link between the new product and what they are already comfortable with. This will ensure that by the time the new invention is out there the people will have already established a good rapport with the product that was released to act as the mediator between the ‘familiar’ and the new’ and hence the new merchandise will be received well and the sales will be better than what it might have been had it been released at one go without familiarizing the people about its nature.