Getting Hold Of Time

May 2nd, 2017

Getting Hold Of Time

In a world where the complaint of “not having enough time” is so familiar, time management is a problem faced by the majority of people. Work is a big part of most people’s lives and being late for work is a frequent nuisance that all of us face. Altering our priorities is a way of dealing with the so called “insufficient time”.

“Sorry, I’m Too Busy!”

People are so busy these days that being busy is a considered as something to be proud of. When someone asks you out for a casual meet up, you say “I’m sorry but I’m too busy with work!”. If they try to reschedule it, you say ” In case I didn’t make myself clear, I’m ALWAYS busy.”. Now, you say that condescendingly, wearing a proud look on your face and this absolutely puzzles me. In a way, it is true that being busy seems to better than having nothing to do. But I don’t see how people can gloat about have no time for anything that matter other than work.

Prioritize Your Life

Each and every aspect of our life needs a certain amount of our time. It is unfair to deprive those factors of your attention. Prioritization and planning our time is vital for a happy and balanced life. You owe your time to your family, friends and close ones. Above all you owe your time to yourself. Always keep aside some time for yourself during which you can think, relax and be at the comfort of yourself. Health is an important factor that we need to concentrate on. Set aside a few minutes for mild exercises, walking, taking up sports and also follow healthy food habits. Decide on what is important and what is not.

Don’t Waste Time On Silly Business

If something doesn’t need your time, then don’t waste precious moments on it. We must design our own life. Don’t let life gain control and mould us; we must have a say in how our lives turn out to be. Also, as social animals, we must get involved in activities that help out the society. It is of great importance to remember that a balance must be created between our career and the rest of the factors of our lives. We mustn’t let the former deprive the latter of your involvement.

Want Time? GET Time!

Anyone can complain about not having enough time to do your tasks but a very few can proudly say that “I have all the time I need”. We must try to be that person who can manage our lives with the twenty four hours that we are allotted each day.

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