An Introduction To Web Development

May 10th, 2017

We work with a lot of entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas but it takes them a while to come to terms with how the entire thing works. Here is our attempt at explaining the broad terminologies that go into modern web / application development :

The Flow

There are three areas that web development is divided into namely, Frontend , Backend Database

Frontend Development

This department broadly works with all things that run in your browser. Here are the key terms :


This basically deals with figuring out how an application or a site looks and functions. A UI Designer’s job is to build interfaces that are easy to use, intuitive and conveys necessary information clearly.


Think of them as what blueprints are to the architecture world, wireframes essentially capture how the application is laid out and helps determine the hierarchy of information on a particular page. Its one of the first visual representations of the requirements and helps to validate if the overall direction is correct.


Once wireframes are confirmed, a UI designer, starts laying out the actual elements, the look and feel, the color and typography to help come to a closer representation of what the final outcome is going to look like.


html is the basic language that gives the structure to the pages. It uses tags to organise the elements that are to be displayed on the page. It forms the bedrock of any webpage.

css is what allows us to format the html into a presentable manner. Its the language that beautifies a particular page.


JavaScript also known as js, brings life to front end pages. It allows users to interact with a page, the swanky slider, the action that happens on click or that popup you see, all happens because of JavaScript. There are several JavaScript frameworks out there, like, jquery, angularjs, reactjs, etc.

Backend Development

 This department is the BRAIN of the web development. It processes and controls the actions executed in the website. This involves the mechanism behind-the-scenes. Here the codes are executed on the server. There are specific languages that work as a form of communication to let the application know that you want so and so task to be carried out. PHP and nodejs are examples of such backend scripting languages.


A database is what stores all the information that goes into your web application. From the usernames/password to your favorite movies on netflix, its all stored here and retrieved based on the requirement of the application. Some of the popular databases out there are SQL, Mongodb, Neo4j, etc.


A service that lets an organisation or an individual to post their website on the internet is called Web Hosting. The hosting of websites are done on special computers called servers. A web hosting company or web hosting service provides you the space to make your website accessible to the people via World Wide Web.

Web Development ≠ Web Designing

Web Development and Web Designing are interchangeably used in casual communication. But there is a slight distinction between the two and the line of demarcation is blurred because these two overlap as they are interrelated.

Web Development refers to the building of a website and deals with the technical components while Web Design deals with the designing of the web page with regard to how it should look like, the logo, the feel of the page, its essence etc. The former is based on technical works like coding while the latter involves creative aspects and the use of software like Photoshop.

Usually both web developers and web designers possess the knowledge of building as well designing of the website. The main thing that must be focused on, in order to make the website popular among the target audience is that the website must be original. The plus point of building a website ground up is that, something original that can satisfy our specific needs can be created.


Hope this article benefited you in someway or the other. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 😉

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