27-28 Apr, 2019

AngelHack 2019

CoWrks OMR, Chennai

Challenge yourself and your entrepreneurial spirit. Make something innovative without limits, something that brings positive change to the world, even something that solves a small problem. It’s that simple.

AngelHack is a global hackathon and innovation organization. It originated in San Francisco. AngelHack hosts an annual global hackathon competition where entrants compete to build, test, and launch new software solutions over the course of a weekend. For over six years, AngelHack has been a leader in the innovation space; introducing hackathons, virtual competitions, accelerator programs, Meetups and developer-focused initiatives to over 100 cities around the globe.

We are glad to inform you all, that Our CTO Murugesh was one of the mentors for AngelHack 2019, Chennai. It is indeed a great moment for us. Congratulations to all the teams participated in AngelHack 2019, Chennai, and hearty congratulations to team “Dream Catcher”, for winning the AngelHack Challenge. Best wishes for your next adventure!Cheers to the Ambassadors, Community Partners and Volunteers of AngelHack 2019, Chennai Team.


About AngelHack

Global Hackathon Series 2019

The Global Hackathon Series was initially started by a small community of technologists with one goal in mind: to develop opportunity wherever possible.

What started as a way for creators to connect and move their ideas forward turned into a global revolution. Soon, innovators from around the world were joining forces to elevate themselves and their platform – all of which was done through Hackathons.

And while we’ve seen lots of changes since the early Hackathon days, one thing has remained the same – innovators are continuing to rise. Innovators rise to meet opportunity, they rise from failure, they rise from all corners of the globe, and they lend a hand to help others rise with them. It’s why the Global Hackathon Series is still going strong to this day, because Hackathons and the opportunities they create allow people to rise, together.

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