Our CTO , Murugesh attended the co-create event organised by MIT and SPI Cinemas. The idea was to understand the humanistic codesign process and build a solution for the disabled. We were fortunate to have Sasi as our codesigner. He went completely blind a few years ago. Based on his lived experiences, we formed a group and started a project named “Drishti” with an attempt to use image recognition and ML technologies to convert images to an audio output. Check screenshots of the prototype created, we are able to take pictures of everyday objects and recognise them. Key breakthrough was being able to save images of people and being able to name them when they appear next time. We also learnt how using simple html good practices , for ex – using the right heading tags instead of only increasing the font size , we could make so many websites accessible. This was an inspiring session and we at Siam commit to building applications that are more inclusive. #cocreate #mitindia #spicinemas #inclusivesolutions

15th January, 2019