9 things to know before you hire an Android app development company

Over 2.6 Billion people across the world own smartphones. On average, every smartphone user accesses at least 30 mobile apps monthly. While 1.4 Billion users use handy gadgets and tablets, it is estimated that over 55% of digital usage comes from mobile devices.

These figures not only ascertain the massive upsurge in the usage of digital devices but also entails the businesses to build intuitive mobile applications to reach out to their customers. 

So, if you are running a business, or if you are looking out to hire Android app developers for your organization, here’s a checklist of 9 must-have features to ensure beforehand.

9 key factors to choose your Android app development company

  1. Look out for a proven track record
  2. Ask for a step-by-step walkthrough
  3. Ensure that the app has a design that converts
  4. Claim undisputed and end-to-end ownership
  5. Get assured support post launching your app
  6. Make sure you have an NDA in place
  7. Know how the company approaches testing and quality
  8. Create project milestones and enforce timed delivery
  9. Understand industry trends and negotiate pricing judiciously

Portfolio of the company 

#1 — Look out for a proven track record

In the journey of choosing the best-fit company for developing your mobile app, the foremost parameter to consider is their experience and expertise. It would become advantageous if you collaborate with an established vendor rather than a neophyte. You must ensure that the vendor has a stunning portfolio of launched applications. Besides checking the digital portfolio, you also need to make efforts to download a few apps developed by the company and evaluate the user experience, accessibility, navigational features, device responsiveness, intuitiveness, and customer reviews. This helps you get a hang of the way they work and lets you make an informed hiring decision. 

In addition to scrutinizing their portfolio, here’s a couple of things for you to follow:

  • Try reaching out to their previous clients and understand if they are happy with their Android app development services.
  • Know the reputation of the company in the market and also ensure if the vendor is a certified and registered service provider.
  • Have a meeting with the team of developers and testers who are likely to work on your project to get a pinch of their expertise and capabilities.

App development process

#2  — Ask for a step-by-step walkthrough

It is very crucial for the app developers to understand the scope and requisites of your business and translate it into their deliverables. You must ensure if the company has the capabilities to work with you hand-in-hand with integrity and render exactly what you asked for.

  • Ensure if the company has a transparent operation procedure
  • Ask for a step-by-step walkthrough of their overview and approach 
  • Predetermine key milestones and progress-metrics right from brainstorming ideas and strategizing to testing and launching your app

User-first approach

#3 — Ensure that the app has a design that converts

UX plays an unarguable role in conversions. If you want your mobile app to serve the core purpose of your business, you need to ensure that your app designer understands the contemporary design language and mobile UX. It is studied that 75% of mobile apps are discarded by users for poor user experience.

Here are a few standard mobile UX design guidelines:

  • Ask for basic wireframes, mockup app designs, and high-fidelity prototypes before proceeding with the development of the app.
  • The app developers should understand that designing for mobile applications is not the same as designing the responsive mobile version of the website.
  • Ensure speedy page loads and fluid responsive app interface across different screen sizes and mobile displays.
  • Ease of use, access, and navigation is a must-have in the mobile apps. Your vendor must ensure this attribute.

Healthy coding practice

#4 —  Claim undisputed and end-to-end ownership

When it comes to coding, there are two major parameters to consider:

  • Most appropriate app development framework The app development company that you choose should have the domain expertise as well as an established authority in developing Android apps. They should also be well-equipped in handpicking the most appropriate framework that’s best suited to develop your app.
  • Complete ownership of the codes — Your vendor has to agree to owe you the complete ownership of the app that includes design, source codes, content, and all that’s related to the app. They are paid for the man-hours they deploy in developing your app which legitimates the fact that the code belongs to you. Without claiming complete ownership, you will not be able to make changes in the coding or any part of the app in the future.

Launching and beyond 

#5 — Get assured support post launching your app

You should discuss upfront the kind of support your vendor would be able to render to launch your app. Your app development partner should guide you through the app submission process and make the app release a cakewalk for you. It is needless to state that your app development story doesn’t end once the app is launched. Here’s what to expect from your vendor after launching your app:

  • The app needs to be enhanced seamlessly by adopting a closed-loop mechanism where actionable items are derived based on the insights from the customer feedback.
  • Your vendor needs to help you with frequent bug-fixes, new-feature updates, and version updates. 
  • The company also needs to help you with the app store optimization strategies.

Security is everything

#6 — Make sure you have an NDA in place

To prevent copyright infringement, and safeguard your business as intellectual property, you need to obligate your app development vendor to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This empowers you to take action legally if your vendor violates the agreement, breaches data, discloses your app idea, or works closely with your peers in the market. 

When you hire Android app developers, it is extremely substantial that you dictate the following terms in your NDA document.

  • Your app idea needs to be 100% safe.
  • Your business strategies, takeaways from your research and development, critical information, and other sensitive data needs to be kept highly confidential.
  • You need to be the sole proprietor of the app design, source codes, and all of the app’s content and features.
  • The ownership of the app as a concept, idea, and brand needs to be completely yours.
  • The vendor is restricted to carry out duplication of your mobile app in any manner, form, or variant. 

Intensive user testing

#7 — Know how the company approaches testing and quality

Nobody needs to be educated about the significance of testing. You really need to be on top of things and make sure that the final product that you receive passes through multiple rounds of intensive user testing and quality checks. On the testing grounds, ensure the following parameters with your technology partner: 

  • Ask your vendor about their testing strategies and procedures.
  • Ensure that the app is tested to work fine on a wide range of smartphones available in the market and their latest variants.
  • Get a well-laid roadmap for beta testing the app and bug-fixing.
  • Know in advance the timeline and speed of the response if there is any crash or technical glitch after launching the app. 

Timeline in real-time

#8 —  Create project milestones and enforce timed delivery

Have a detailed conversation with your app development partner to understand how they guarantee to meet deadlines. Work on a foolproof mechanism to predetermine project milestones and timelines. Considering the fast-changing market trends in recent years, you should know the importance of launching the app on time. These pointers might help you have a 360-degree overview of your project timeline and delivery:

  • Ask if your vendor is working on multiple projects simultaneously. Nobody wants their project to take a backseat in priority due to other projects.
  • Know the details of the dedicated resources assigned to work on your app so that you stay aware of the exact status and updates.
  • Have a SPOC (single point of contact) assigned to establish a clear and transparent line of communication.
  • Be prepared for unforeseen changes, sudden requirements, iterative changes, and buffering time in the project schedule to keep the timeline close to real-time.


#9 — Understand industry trends and negotiate pricing judiciously

While it is important to approach a budget-friendly service provider, you should also keep in mind that quality service comes at a cost. Do an extensive market study on competitive rates and ask your vendor for the best price quote. Do not let quality take a backseat when you look out for affordable solutions. Here’s a list of must-check items when it comes to pricing:

  • Make sure that the company does not levy any hidden charges.
  • Discuss end-to-end project charges upfront to avoid discrepancies.
  • Establish a milestone-based payment system that is beneficial to both parties, especially to you because at any given point you make payment only for what you have been delivered. 
So, you are all set to go!
Developing a mobile application for your business isn’t as difficult as it seems. This checklist of 9 points will help you outsource android application developing to a firm that provides the most appropriate Android app development services. With this guide handy, your app development can turn out to be a breeze.

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