Crafting Smart Factory Technology- Industry 4.0

In recent years smart system products are complex that make current development processes inadequate. Industry 4.0 is the best example of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. This primarily focuses on the use of large-scale M2M [Machine to Machine], the Internet of Things [IoT], and Artificial intelligence [AI] as this results in increased automation, improved communication, and monitoring. While smart machines perform to analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human interaction.

Industry 4.0

Key Features of the CMMS Software System

CMMS stands for Computerized Machine Management System is a remunerative software designed to maintain a computer database for an organization’s maintenance. They smartly manage entire production-related data, plans the maintenance schedules that improve manufacturing quality and also reduce equipment downtime.

Asset management

Asset management

Access the complete details of every asset from your fingertip to carry out planned maintenance activities by implementing CMMS.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

The CMMS software helps the management to know the engaged machine in maintains and plan the work allocation accordingly.

Communication Platform

Communication Platform

The communication platform plays a major role in clarifying the technical difficulties faced by juniors with their respective senior experts.

Equipment Health Monitoring

Equipment Health Monitoring

Tracking machines’ health conditions and delivering updates on a timely basis, to fix proper maintenance activities.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Mobile app services deliver great catalytic support for the efficient operation of the entire industrial plant.

IoT Integration

IoT Integration

Remote access of every object in the manufacturing unit is made possible with the implementation of IoT devices.



Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning plays a major role in deploying continuous monitoring and self-maintenance processes.

Merits of Industrial Plant Maintenance Software

  • Adopting a well-crafted CMMS software helps to accomplish a well-planned scheduled maintenance process.
  • Fixing IoT sensors in the workplace ensures safety measurements and regulatory compliance.
  • Factory maintenance software would increase your manufacturing plant’s productivity by reducing downtime as well as repair costs.
  • Asset Management and information in real- time.
  • Having Plant maintenance software helps you in proper work allocation of timely completion of tasks, eliminates the stereotypical paper work on maintenance, which would eventually increase your ROI and reduces overtime working.


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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is focused to increase asset lifetime by predicting extensive damage and reducing the risk of untimely breakdown. This maintenance includes cleaning, lubrication, repairs, and replacements of any equipment or parts.

Admin Features

  • Customized and effective dashboard
  • Simplified work management
  • Increase user management
  • Efficient Equipment Inventory Management

Supervisor/Manager Features

  • Custom business dashboard & Professional chat
  • Manage Area of interest & user groups
  • Equipment Asset & Line & Task management system
  • Preventive & Employee Maintenance Plan
  • Customer & Roles & Department management system
  • Create and manage reports

PM Executive Features

  • Effective Employee Management
  • Chat room
  • Simplified Task list
  • Open Source Task Management

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