Ultimate Guide To App Growth: how to increase your app downloads

There are millions of apps available in the market. Why do you think users should download your app?

Probably, you have built an amazing app?

Perhaps, you are the best in your industry?

Or, maybe, the world’s best app is yours?

The reasons may be plenteous. But your users are not going to witness it themselves unless they download it and experience the awesomeness.

So, regardless of the kind of app that you have built, it is mission-critical for you to take the best efforts to market your app and increase your app downloads.

In this article, we will discuss – 

→ about the importance of app marketing

→ about the different factors that influence your app downloads 

→ about the different ways to increase app downloads. 

The importance of app marketing: why should you increase app downloads?

The number of app downloads is the first and foremost indicator to measure the key performance of a mobile app (KPI). Only with effective mobile app marketing strategies, you can increase the app downloads and outgrow your competition. Only with increased app downloads, you get a better ranking on the app store engines with an increased number of reviews and ratings.  For instance, Google Play Store displays the number of downloads upfront on the app information page. If there is no decent number of downloads to feature, users are less likely to install the apps.

Different factors that influence your app downloads

Here are a few factors based on which your app downloads may have an influential impact:

→ Reviews, ratings, and average ratings

→ The way complaints are responded

→ Screenshots, demo video, or feature graphics

→ Is the app up-to-date? When has the app been last updated?

→ The description and other information about the app

Based on these factors and a few others, people are more likely or less likely to download your app. So watch out for these factors and curate these details to positively impact your app downloads.

Different ways to increase app downloads:

In this article, we will take a detailed look into 12 interesting and unique ways to improve app familiarity and increase app downloads.

→ Give a catchy and attractive title for your app

→ Research primary and secondary keywords extensively

→ Understand the competition and compete for the right keywords

→ Work on discovering the appropriate app description

→ Identify influencers to collaborate with

→ Keep your reviews space up-to-date and active

→ Use localization and reach out to the native audience

→ Offer incentives, free trials, samples, giveaways

→ Use YouTube to its best (and other video platforms too)

→ Submit your app to influential websites

→ Leverage the knowledgable community available on Quora

→ Try Cross-promotion, upselling, and affiliate marketing

1)  Give a catchy and attractive title for your app

The name of the app has got a lot to do with its success. Ever wondered how impactful the brand nomenclature can turn out to be? Here are some of the key insights on naming your app appropriately:

→ People are more likely to connect with and relate to the names that are easy to catch.

→ If you are able to incorporate the primary keyword in your app title itself, your app title is SEO-ready.

→ If the names have got a direct relevance to the service or product offered, it is advantageous. 

2) Research primary and secondary keywords extensively

Use appropriate platforms to explore and identify your industry’s relevant keywords and incorporate them in your app store content seamlessly. Here are a few platforms that help you do intensive keyword study and analysis:

→ Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

→ Soovle

→ Jaaxy

→ SEMRush

→ Google Search Console

Use these platforms effectively to make your title, subtitle, and description keyword-rich and SEO-proof.

3) Understand the competition and compete for the right keywords

If you identify your competitors you can easily decipher the top keywords that they are ranking for. You can turn it out to be beneficial for you if you adopt and leverage the benefits of shadow marketing. That means you can optimize for the same keywords as your competitors and be known to the users who are searching for your competitors. 

 4) Work on discovering the appropriate app description for your app

The description you write needs to be crisp, articulate, self-explanatory, and clearly understandable. The better you write clear descriptions, the higher the chances of getting more downloads. More to it, if your description explains the purpose and scope of your app unambiguously, more potential and qualified users will download your app. This decreases the numbers of app uninstalls too.

5) Identify influencers to collaborate with

Influencer marketing has become the new television commercial. The best thing about influencer marketing is that it is a more connected, deeply personal, and human-powered mode of marketing. When influential personalities vouch for your app and recommend it, your potential users do give your app a try. Because people trust a human being more than a brand image.

6) Keep your reviews space up-to-date and active

Wonder what’s the topmost set of attributes customers look for on the app page?
→ Ratings and Average rating

→ Number of reviews

→ Recent reviews

→ The last date of posting the most recent review

→ Your replies to the reviews

→ The most recent date of replying to the reviews

So keep your review space active and up to date. 

7) Use localization and reach out to the native audience 

Guess what? Next to trusting fellow people, users trust the marketing communications that are in their native languages. So, it is important that you need to invest in localizing your app in native languages. Along with the marketing communications, you can also convert your in-app content to your user’s native languages and facilitate them with a feature to consume the content of the app in the desired language of their choice. This improves app downloads largely.

8) Offer incentives, free trials, samples, giveaways

This feature is applicable only to the businesses that sell products, services, and other offerings through their apps. You can provide a free trial of your offering, run giveaway contests, etc. For example, you can offer a limited quantity, free giveaway, or restricted usage of your online service/tool.

9) Use YouTube to its best (and other video platforms too)

We all know that videos are the most powerful tools of marketing. On average, altogether, all of us together spend 1 Billion + hours watching videos on YouTube. This is a big-ticket mode of marketing for marketers to unlock a great potential of reaching out to a broader set of audiences.

10) Submit your app to influential websites

→ AlternativeTo

→ AlphaDigits

→ AppAddict

→ CloudXL

→ Geekopedia

→ MobileAppDaily

Wondering what the above list is? This is a list of websites where you can list your apps for better visibility and promotion. Also, Google Play Store values the number of backlinks obtained from such high-value websites and forums.

11) Leverage the knowledgeable community available on Quora

Quora is the go-to platform for healthy and informative discussions. Anybody can post a question and get queries answered. This open-source and people-powered knowledge-sharing community plays a pivotal role in defining marketing in recent times. You can answer questions relevant to your industry that are related to your app and promote your app in a subtle manner. Quora has a community of 700,000+ active users, which means your content marketing efforts can be catered to such a wide bandwidth.

12) Try cross-promotion, upselling, and affiliate marketing

Collaboration is a big word that does magic. You need to identify relevant brands, sellers, and service providers who you can collaborate with and pitch for cross-promotion, affiliate marketing, and upselling. Sometimes small and simple efforts such as placing your app link on their websites (and vice versa) can have a huge positive impact on your app downloads. 

Hope this article is of help to you to understand the best practices involved in increasing app downloads. In the upcoming chapters, we will discuss different strategies used to hack your mobile app growth, best practices to release app updates and proven methods to reduce app uninstalls. Follow this space for more resourceful content regarding mobile app development.

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