10 reasons why you need to hire Progressive Web App Developers effectively

Starting from web-based applications to desktop applications, native mobile applications and platform-specific applications, IT solutions have always been on the run. One day it is too good to just see just the new apps’ first look and the next day one might as well uninstall the app just because it took more than 3-5 seconds to load. Catering to the requirements of the users and keeping up with the evolution are the tricks to survive in the IT sector. If you wish to thrive more than just survive, you might as well stay ahead of the curve. With that stated, let’s explore the top 10 reasons why you need to hire Progressive Web App Developers effectively. 

Before exploring the reasons as to why you need to hire progressive web app developers, let’s have a quick understanding of the basics. Let’s take a look at what a progressive web app is first. 

What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps are apps that are built using newly emerging web browser features and APIs together with traditional app enhancement strategies that are more inclined towards ‘progressive’ nature. The intended outcome of this approach is to bring about a  user experience analogous to the native app to the cross-platform web apps, but only with more benefits and less limitations as of Native Apps . 

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Examples of Applications that use Progressive Web Apps Technology

Survival of the fittest triggers the trending applications to make use of progressive web app strategies. The following are some of the trending apps that use progressive web app strategies:

  1. Spotify
  2. Pinterest
  3. Uber
  4. MakeMyTrip
  5. Starbucks
  6. Housing.Com
  7. Flipboard
  8. Digikala
  9. Soundslice
  10. Yummly

The list goes on, but the above-mentioned apps have embraced the progressive web app strategies to stay abreast in the market. 

Let’s now see the significance of Progressive Web App Development. 

Significance of Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web App accumulates the best of all the latest technologies and blends it and caters the best user experience. Apart from giving the best user experience, the Progressive Web App Development has the following advantages as well:

  1. Reduces overall cost of application development
  2. Can be developed faster.
  3. Offers simplified user experience
  4. Facilitates content creation as a single purpose application
  5. Better access to data sources thereby improvising mobile usage experience

The list goes on, but the above-highlighted parameters make Progressive Web App Development significant enough that the developers are exploring more options in it now. 

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10 reasons why you need to hire Progressive Web App Developers

Now that we have a clear idea of what a progressive web app is, the significance of it, and the examples, let’s explore why you need to hire Progressive Web App Developers.

1. Progressive Web Apps can be Developed Faster

When it comes to developing an application for a business, development time plays a major role as it determines the overall cost and the time to hit the market and thereby contributes to the success of the business. When you take Progressive Web App Development, the time to build it is much lesser compared to building natives apps or cross-platform apps. 

The developer doesn’t have to build different apps for both iOS and Android. Building a web application takes much lesser time compared to building traditional apps. This means that you have the liberty to hit the market pretty much early and you can deliver wonderful customer experience. 

2. Independency of Platforms

One of the daunting tasks, when you want to develop your application, is the market research analysis. You need to check if your target audience needs an Android or iOS application first. After that, you will have to go for either native app development or cross-platform development. But, with Progressive Web App Development, you don’t have to worry about the platform’s dependencies. 

All you need to do is develop Progressive Web App and that will run well independent of the platforms. So, you need to hire Progressive Web App Developers carefully because they will be building applications that can be run on all the platforms. 

3. Better User Experience (UX)

As Progressive Web App gives the user experience of the Native App, the overall UX of Progressive Web Apps is pretty good. The function, features, design, looks, interactivity, feel, etc are best suited for Progressive Web Apps as they take after the UX of Native Apps and the Cross-Platform apps as well. In the present day scenario, many top companies and brands are opting to hire Progressive Web App Developers to stay upgraded in the market.

4. Not getting listed on play store or any other app stores

Since Progressive Web Applications are browser-based applications that function like native apps, they are not listed on Play Store or any other app stores. One of the main reasons why Progressive Web Apps not being enlisted on the Play Store and other app stores have become an advantage is that app stores have implemented strict rules for the apps to be uploaded. Also, with heavy competition among the apps to stay on top, toggling between being exclusively Native or being compatible with Cross-Platform has become a key point. Since Progressive Web Apps avoid all that heavy work, they have an upper hand in the market now.

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5. Sharing made easy

Sharing is caring, they say. Progressive Web Apps can be easily shared as it is just a matter of URL to be shared, unlike in the case of traditional apps on the Play Store. Platform dependency issues can be avoided in this case because, with Progressive Web App being a web application, any user can use it from any platform and device. Developers need to be mindful of delivering versatile UX as the Progressive Web Apps offer diverse functionalities and features. 

6. High Reliability & Security

Developers need to be extra careful when it comes to the security of Progressive Web Apps. The reason being, Progressive Web Apps are web applications and they are served using HTTPS protocols. Though Google assures high-security algorithms, it is a mandate that your developers put in a tad bit more data security layers. This will ensure your users’ maximum reliability and security. 

7. Smart and Effective usage of Device Storage Space

One of the most essential reasons to develop your own Progressive Web App is to enhance your customers’ experience. It is a logical fact that most customers don’t download apps that consume a lot of device storage space. The advantage of Progressive Web Apps is that they don’t eat up much space as traditional apps do. Since Progressive Web Apps are browser-based the device storage space can be smartly and effectively used. 

8. Speedy Loading of Contents

When Google invented Progressive Web App Development, they had in mind to speed up the loading time of the contents/page. A crucial aspect of providing an excellent user experience to your customers is the speedy loading of contents. For instance, when your customer has placed an order and wants to check the status of the delivery, your App shouldn’t take much time to pull up the last set of information that your customer saw during placing the order. Progressive Web Apps takes care of this aspect as one of the vital strengths of Progressive Web Apps is the Speedy Loading of Contents. The developer you hire needs to work on the design of your Progressive Web App accordingly. 

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9. Enhanced User Engagements

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that work like Native Apps, which means you can avail all the features that a Native App has to offer. One of the best features of Native Apps is the ‘Push Notifications’. Push notification has a proven record of enhanced user engagements. They facilitate customer retention and attain the highest CTR. Another important reason why you need to hire developers carefully is that they should be able to incorporate all these features in your Progressive Web App smartly.

10. SEO Friendly

The ultimate goal to go through all these steps is to rank well in terms of SEO. Many factors contribute to SEO rankings and Progressive Web App being a web application has an upper hand in certain aspects. Crawling and indexing of Progressive Web Apps, by search engines are comparatively easier than traditional apps. Also, the description doesn’t have any word limits as in the case of app stores. So, the possibility of ranking your Progressive Web App for most of the keywords is high when compared to the traditional app. 

Winding Up…

Progressive Web Apps have immense potential to enhance your customer experience to a greater extent. It is essential to make the best use of this technology to propel your business. It is one thing to have a successful R&D, quality products/services, operations of your business, but it is totally another thing to portray your business’ eminence on the digital platform. The above-discussed technical aspects are what you need to be aware of when you build your own Progressive Web App. Now that you are aware of it, hire Progressive Web App Developers effectively. 

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