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Nourish with Sim

Aligning with the vision of a Fitness influencer, we created an app to bring along a change in the fitness & nutrition regimes of Indian female society.

About the project

An established fitness influencer with a vision to create an end-to-end Fitness management solution, Simrun Chopra came up with a raw idea where she wanted to build a product for their current model expansion and process enhancement around monitoring their client’s progress and monitoring the communication cycle between clients and nutritionists.

However, during the course of our association, we shelved deeper into what their expectations are like, how they can improve their revenue channels, what metrics tracking can help them take their client experience to the next level, and a lot more. Under our Dedicated Product Team model, we provided a team consisting of Product owners, Business Analysts, Developers, Delivery managers and Quality analysts to help them explore their problems to the root cause level and implement a solution which caters perfectly to their end user’s needs and goals.

Nourish with Sim

Key challenges:

  • Overabundance of manual processes & lack of automation :The existing processes for guiding and helping the current client base involved entire manual intervention and hence had become draining & time consuming for the admin team and nutritionists alike.

  • Restricted growth of outreach and subsequent user base :Due to the current processes, they had their hands full around day to day management and processing and couldn’t expand further and hence had attained a saturation point in terms of growth of their user base.

  • Lack of product knowledge & specialization :Even though they had a great command over their domain and their user’s needs, the lack of knowledge and the know-how of how to strategize and map a product had been one of their major concerns hindering their growth.
Nourish with Sim

Our Solution:

  • Automation of processes & data driven decision making :We built a solution for being able to automate the various aspects of their processes with minimalistic inputs required for processes to be carried on.

  • Trend analytics & Data driven decision making :We built up statistical reports in a manner for them to be able to keep a track of the various trends around their user’s actions & progresses, and hence being able to strategize & take decisions based on the reports data obtained.

  • Long term Product Roadmap Envisionment :On the basis of detailed market research cross verified with the data trends obtained, we helped them forecast the long term product plan and roadmap for them to be able to achieve their subscriber & revenue targets in the years to follow.

  • Setting up the measurable KPIs & success metrics :Besides helping them set up the goals, we also established the success metrics for them to be able to understand & analyze the information that needs to be monitored in order to be able to hit those goals.
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Results :

  • Sudden growth in subscriber base, over 200%
  • Over 50% of annual revenue goals achieved within a few months.
  • Better customer experience for their existing & new clients.
  • Rapid increase in social media followers.

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