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I wanna Learn

We helped develop a product for a unique cause of catering accessible e-learning solutions to kids from all walks of rural Tamil Nadu government schools.

About the project

I wanna learn is an initiative taken by a Non profit organization Altius Foundation, who aims to bring a revolutionary change around the stereotypical constraints of education domain and learning processes in India. By letting the learners avail premium content accessible to them without any charges or technical hassles, they closely monitor the correlation and dependency of the learners along with the content type and learning environments to strive for consistent improvement in their content and mediums of facilitation.
Aligning with their vision to provide free access to quality learning to every learner, I wanna learn was designed to be provided as both online and offline learning platforms to ensure all learners across various geographies can get access to learning content irrespective of the devices they use or the level of connectivity they can acquire.

Key Challenges

First tech touchpoint

For most of the kids, this platform was the first ever tech product they were going to interact with.

Create stickiness to drive outcomes

With poor school outcomes and extremely low engagement, the platform had to drive stickiness for learning goals to be met.

Tech Solution for Non-Tech Environment

Being primarily targeted for the rural segment, a key constraint was the lack of internet and electricity.

Low Cost / Low Compute Devices

The entire learning system had to also run on <$100 devices.

Building for Scale

With its ambition to reach more than 200 schools and 1l+ students in its first year, we had to look to build for scale from get go.



Go learn with the kids

Our team spent lots of time visiting various schools, interacting with the kids and spending to understand a day in their life. Things that drive and motivates them. We were able to create unique experiences for creating credentials, building community led learning.

Lightweight , single threaded solution on raspberry pi

Built on nodejs and electron, we worked hard to make all our applications run on $100 raspberry pi devices.

First of its kind data sync mechanisms

In order to tackle the data connectivity, we built solutions that were low latency, sync using offline mechanisms.

Self directed, goal based learning

Working with leading learning champions of the world, our UX allowed kids to pick a goal. We created a personalized digital avatar that would provide context relevant nudges to get kids to finish their courses.



  • 85% week on week engagement, up by 40%
  • 62% improvement in learning outcomes
  • Stronger community participation
  • Significant drop in school abandonment rates

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