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Clean Track

An analytics platform built for various corporate brands to be able to access and evaluate their plastic wastage and reusability capabilities on an organizational level.

About the project :

Clean Track was an initiative around building a monitoring and analytics platform for helping top level corporate brands keep a watch on the plastic wastages happening in different verticals and different operations amidst the entire cycle of operations in their facilities. The key problem in this case was the unstructured approach around the reduction of wastages and the recycling of the plastic wastes happening on a regular basis. We provided a solution for monitoring of the repercussions and the impacts of the same, and also for streamlining the entire process chain.

Key Challenges

Target Market Validation
One of the core problems of the client was getting a complete target market validation since the idea that they were implementing was highly untested in the market, and they wanted to establish a good foothold with some major corporate players out there.
Less Reliability on the Envisioned Solution
A major challenge that the Founder faced here was to be able to understand if the solution that he was creating actually had an underlying problem for the market segment that he was aiming for. There was a substantial amount of research that they had done before approaching us but hadn’t reached any solid conclusion yet.
Lack of Product Knowledge
Despite having a good grasp of the solution that they wanted to cater, they didn’t have complete control over how to devise a product strategy and being able to draft a product roadmap which was proving to be a major roadblock in their execution plans.


Achieving a Problem-Solution and a Product-Market Fit
We approached the key pain points of the Founder and helped him narrow down his research and streamline it into the correct direction by numerous brainstorming sessions, user interviews, and hence established a value proposition & a roadmap of the end product that served as a relevant solution for the correct market.
Determine the correct engagement metrics & stickiness factors
Since the product was being built for a market that was highly untapped and a major initial challenge was to create awareness, we ensured to do a thorough research over what could be the best engagement metrics that could be built to ensure maximum user stickiness and retention in the long term.
Hand holding through entire product ideation to launch process
Although the Founder had a strong command over the processes that he wanted to automate and the market he wanted to disrupt, we came in as the product experts who not only gave a direction to the approach but also guided them through the entire process starting from the ideation stage to the eventual product launch.


  • Catered to around 10 top corporate Indian brands with positive feedback.
  • Transformed the processes for corporate facilities and helped them adopt a streamlined approach.
  • Achieved a reduction of over 150% in plastic wastage per facility, and lead to over 225% recycling patterns for the same.
  • Abundance of relevant findings & data points to draft the future product roadmap on.

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