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A top notch initiative where the focus was to act as a connecting layer between candidates & the relevant employers, while also taking measures to make candidates job ready.

About the project :

Bluetick came up with their business idea for the sole purpose of creating industry readiness for the newly market entering candidates and infusing skills in them which are mandatory for anyone entering the digitally transformed business environment. The key problem identified here was the lack of a medium for job ready candidates to be able to enhance their skill profiles and have an upper edge with improved market ready attributes for reducing the training turnaround times in the initial phases.

Key Challenges

Business Idea & Hypothesis Verification
Like many initial stage startups, the Founder wanted to get a precise problem-solution fit established before proceeding further. We helped the Bluetick team gain insights into the problems faced by their target audiences and the expectations they have.
Hiring partners & candidates gaining visibility amongst each other
Besides getting industry ready with learning job specific skills, another problem faced by potential users was the lack of opportunities coming their way as they had to invest a lot of time and effort in finding profiles or companies with adequate fitment as per their skills & desires.
Lack of guidance on choosing right courses & unstructured curriculum

The most common problem of the target market was the lack of proper guidance & handholding for them to feel motivated throughout the course as well as supported on a personal level in their learning journey, something which they couldn’t find anywhere yet.



Clearly defined user attributes & a value proposition model
Our team spent lots of time meeting & speaking with various candidates in early stages of their career, as well as hiring partners of different organizations to understand the expectations from both ends. Based on that we drafted a clear user persona as well as a value proposition model to establish the precise offerings of our solution.
Determine the correct engagement metrics & stickiness factors
Being an online skill nurturing platform crafting job ready candidates, we had to enter a heavily crowded domain with already existing players having created a monopoly. This amplified the need of having the correct engagement metrics & stickiness factor in place for keeping the users hooked to the solution we built.
Not just another e-learning platform
Having done a detailed competitor analysis & user research, we knew exactly what the users wanted & competitors aren’t providing. On the basis of the same, we built a solution that could offer unique productive assessments & interview preparation modules for candidates & hiring partners to be able to connect with a better context.


  • Onboarded 70% more hiring partners from different domains
  • Got over 200% traction for assessment methodologies by prospective candidates
  • A lot more clarity over execution of business model & monetization strategies.
  • Abundance of relevant findings & data points to draft the future product roadmap on.

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