Key problem statement

Maintaing the audeince retention among cinema theatre in the age of popular home viewing experience like Netflix and to encourage the movie goers to to experience watching the movies in the cinema theatre through loyalty programs and personalised pricing strategy. It should be theatre agnostic.

About Us

About Us

Key Solutions

  • We created a mobile application and a supporting web app that would be used as the basis for all the cinema activities.
  • It will provide users with the necessary information about new movies, with a clean, streamlined and extremely simple to use while it guides users to select customized plan for them.

Key modules

Customised Subscription plans

Pay with the tap

Push Notifications to Customer

Live Location Tracking

Renewal Notifcation

Refund mode for Unlimited subscription

Key Takeaways

  • Ongoing feature addition in the live app
  • Implementing the Payment gateway integration – Razor Pay
  • Message Auto detection
  • Code push
  • Location Tracking
  • Mongodb charts for data visualization


Why we chose the tech stack?

React Native is the hype technology.

Apps built on this technology works more effectively and more agile.

Laravel made our development process faster.

MongoDB is magically faster in dealing with large database of Unlimited.

Team Size




UI/UX Designer


Test Engineer


Business Analyst


Project Manager

Project Duration

1200 Hrs


Digital Ocean

Callenges Overcome

Theatre agnostic

Customised movie ticket payment journey based on cinema theatre

Deployment Challenges Overcome

Initially, automated messaging was not working. To overcome this deployment challenge, Our users granted us the permission to recieve the automated messaging. This is the reason why all mobile apps, ask permissions from the users to grant access.


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