Are Bugs Very Threatening?

Are Bugs Very Threatening?

No Software Is 100% Bug Free

A software bug is an error in computer programs that result in the production of incorrect or unexpected result. No software in this world is 100 percentage bug free. It is natural that when reality doesn’t meet one’s expectations, he or she becomes upset. People set very high expectations for software quality and demand them to be impeccable which can only be dreamt of. This is because each and every software will have a few or a lot of bugs clinging on to them and will cause indignation in the users.

Why Bother?

To be honest people shouldn’t be enraged by the infestation of bugs unless their number is so high or they have the potential to cause high damage that hinders the targeted outcome. If the software bugs cause subtle problems that can barely affect the job to be done,it must be realized that it is totally normal and doesn’t need to be fixed in a hurry. But if it affects a multitude of users to a very great extent, then it’s very important to fix the bugs. Why waste time, energy and money on something that isn’t worth the trouble?

Bugs Alone Don’t Determine The Quality Of Softwares

All software developing companies have special team for bug fixing where the resources are directed towards making their software bug free or rather have lesser bugs. The quality of the software cannot be entirely attributed to the number of error causing bugs that it has but it also depends on how useful the software is. A useless software without bugs is still useless while a tremendously useful software with bugs still has its value among the users.

Stop Being A Complaint Box!

Hence every time you hit an irritating bug, be patient instead of losing temper and yelling abuses at the software company! Enjoy the fact that human beings are clever enough to invent something as wonderful as computing and don’t let a few small glitches stop you from appreciating the system.

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