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Meet us! We are a team of 40+ people building, managing and reforming awesome products. Let’s have a cup of coffee with our whole team.

Our Team


Khuzema Siam


With his bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering, he started Siam Computing to automate things and make it work more efficient. Firmly believes that the best products are ones, where engineering meets design in equal measure.
Fav Quote – “Good Enough Is Not Great”

Murugesa Pandian


Meet the Boy-Wonder, a Tech Guru, and our Chief Geek Officer. He easily gets away being both cool and serious at work. Above all, he is a world-class mentor for all our technology lovers!


Project Manager

As a Project manager, he always gets the best out of his team!. If we had to describe him in three words, they would be Lovable, uncontrollable, fearless!!. He loves posing and takes beautiful candid pictures of all of us during break times!


Ellwin Roosevelt

Project Manager

Watch out for this enthusiastic man. He knows how to get the job done just right!!! What really surprises us is, apart from being a fun-loving guy he loves giving nightmares to our developers.


Khadija Khuzema

Admin / Finance Manager

Khadija holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce and takes care of finance, human resources and administration. She spends her leisure time by doing a lot of craft works and Nicholas Sparks is her favorite writer.

Shakthi Kumar

CMS & Ecomm Architect

Our lead WordPress architect. He holds the record for most bug-free projects.Though he works cool during the crucial times, less spiciness in his food is enough to lose his temper. It is unbelievable to learn that he loves to play leg cricket.


Web App Architect

A computer science graduate and a poet, Buhardeen is a big time cake-PHP developer. During his free time, he learns new technologies and teaches the same to our newbies.



Web App Architect

Our senior web app architect who loves to analyze every aspect of the project requirements. Be it for PHP, AngularJS or CakePHP he is a wizard with languages. He has been working hard to ensure, the applications have the right structure before he builds. He is sincerely learning to play guitar and it was his long time goal.


Ranjith Kumar

Web App Architect

Our time-keeper. His enthusiasm makes it easier for him to work along with our team. He believes in researching anything in deep, and that in turn helps him to spot what is actually needed for the project.


Randy Praveen Kumar

QA Architect

Randy is the gatekeeper of Siam Computing! As a Tester, he masters in finding invisible bugs, before delivering the project. If we could convert him into an equation he is “Funny + Sincere- give up”. Random fact: Big time movie buff. A dedicated Margot Robbie fan.He believes in ghosts and he thinks there is one in his room and calls it loosey!!.


Ram Babu

Front End Architect

Ram finds new ways to solve problems in Front-End Development. He makes our apps and websites beautiful and aligned with world-class technology standards! He enjoys digging into details for better designs.



Mobile App Engineer (iOS)

Book worm in general, he loves exploring his knowledge by learning new technologies every now and then. It is not big surprise that he loves developing a product all by himself. He worships two things: Biriyani that motivated him to cook and Lionel Messi who inspires him in day-today life



Mobile App Engineer (Android)

He has played a vital role in developing Hisabing and loves exploring the possibilities on the android ecosystem. If he is found missing from his place, he probably is learning something from someone.


Siva Thirumal

Front End Engineer

Siva is one of our Senior Front-End Developers. Sometimes he amazes us remaining cool even while doing high pressure work. He is someone who can help us to understand and predict our works from client’s point of view.


Manikandan R

Front End Engineer

With the passion for designing, he excels in Front-end development. He spends his leisure time in animating, drawing and sketching. When he is not working, he loves listening G.V. Prakash’s music. On repeat mode!


Sathish Kumar Kanna

Web App Engineer

With the background of Laraval and Cake-PHP, Sathish is our PHP all-rounder. He is always on lookout for the next challenge. Apart from being a techie, he has a soft corner for music. He is secretly learning western music now.



Web App Engineer

Hemavathy has been our PHP developer for more than 2 years. She has a magic of converting an outline into a developed web applications.


Kowsalya Devi

Web App Engineer

This newbie is a very fast learner and a hard worker when given a task she tries to compete with the seniors in the team and give her best. She loves movies and Prabas is her heart-throb

Muhammed Haroon

Web App Engineer

His love for hardware motivated him into becoming an Engineer. Being an excellent developer himself, Haroon has strong skills in Cake-PHP, AngularJS, and MongoDB. One who hates petting. He loves fishing and grills his own catch, fan of Bear Grylls maybe.


Vignesh Prabhu

CMS & EComm Engineer

A versatile developer with the thirst for learning new things on daily basis.
His arsenal includes WordPress, PHP, Open cart, Ionic, AngularJS as prominent tools.
He loves to write and he is a fantasy freak!!!!.


Ramya K

CMS & WordPress Engineer

She has her very own corner in the office, looks calm but there will be a great storm when she has deadlines to meet!.

Vishwanath Manohar

Business Analyst

With his strong understanding skills and business analytics, he masters in learning our client’s requirements. BIG time Foot Ball fan and he loves Ronaldinho!!


Business Analyst

She is a self-motivated professional with over 2 years of hands-on experience as a Business Analyst, with good expertise in managing the business related activities of the Organization.


Deepika Mol

Web App Associate

She is our CakePHP specialist. A very energetic and sincere developer, who is on target when it comes to delivering on time. Apart from web development, she excels in Mehendi designing.


Jegan R

Web App Associate

We call him our brainy, a very dedicated person when it comes to his work. He is a fun loving person and always entertains us with his super cool jokes!.


Priyanka B

Web App Associate

This newbie started her career with us, she wants to be the best and so delivers the best every time!. She is such a foodie but, doesn’t look like one.

Ramya M

Web App Associate

She can write a query for anything and everything, a very busy member of the team, that’s not all of it. she loves adventures and has made a lot of trekking expenditure.


Saravana Kumar

Web App Associate

He is called “software” Saravanan, yes he loves coding, he loves learning every language he possibly could. He never restricts himself to one domain and the interesting fact is that he loves playing the saxophone!!



Web App Associate

Kalpana discovered her niche in coding, while studying Computer Science Engineering. Having strong knowledge of AngularJs and MySQL, she loves using PHP for coding. During her leisure time, she enjoys reading Ravinder Singh’s books.


Raj Kumar

Web App Associate

Somewhere in between watching Disney movies and playing guitar, Raj Kumar realized his passion for web development. In his college symposium, he realized that he has a special interest towards coding. And now being a strong PHP developer he also loves to code using NodeJS and AngularJS.


Web App Associate

Swetha is a very silent developer, she excels in CakePHP and is a great support to the team. She loves amusement parks particularly, those scary rides.


Saranya P

Web App Associate

For us, she is the definition of a workaholic, as in she works in her free time!!. And she has this unique interest in reading historical Tamil books and novels.


Muthu Kumar

Front End Associate

As a front developer, he is behind the scenes of creating some splendid, responsive and unique designs for websites. No wonder he is our Cool Guy. He is a die hard M. S. Dhoni fan.


Rajeevrathan J

Front End Associate

He works really hard to make sure all our products are good looking and friendly to use. He loves long drives, never gets tired of wheels or codes.


Sundarraj A

CMS & EComm Associate

He never gives up, he tries, tries and tries till the website is perfect. And this one likes to watch Cartoons and tell stories!!.

Augustin Rosariyo

QA Associate

This guy has a really keen watch out for bugs, nothing escapes his sight.We understood later that it was because of his good wicket-keeping skills!!.


Parthiban S

QA Associate

Parthi, excels in manual testing, in the day he looks out for bugs and in nights he loves to venture the city, he goes to some scary places for a thrill.


Akshitha S

HR Associate

Akshitha plays a vital role in maintaining the rules and regulations and in making siam computing a great place to work! but what surprises us is the way she handles the day-to-day issues with ease.This HR loves shopping particularly looks for makeup!!.


Divya R

HR Associate

Divya is very good with people she can put herself in the other person’s shoe and help them solve their problems. This girl loves to sing and she knows the lyrics of literally every song.



CMS & EComm Associate

She is the shy one, doesn’t talk much but her works speak wonders. She is the Sherlock Holmes of Siam computing!!! yes, she loves watching detective series.



Digital Marketing Associate

The social bug of our office, she works towards making noise on different social media channels and get us the attention we deserve for all the hard work our devs put in. Ever a cheerful and bubbly person, she loves driving cars and says she finds peace in the thrill of going fast.



Back End Support Associate

This nerdie holds a bachelor degree in Engineering, in siam computing she does anything to everything!! nothing gets done without her contribution, she is the real ”support system” of the company!!!.


Devershi Gupta

Business Development Associate

This charming young chap is a hisabing find. Being in business development, his short term goal is to increase the sales and reach as many people. We can tell he is the face of Siam Computing and maintain a very good relationship with our clients.When he is not working he loves spending the time in traveling and photography.


Vishal Kumar

Business Development Associate

He identifies the right clients for us. He works hard on analyzing the profiles of our clients and their problems and that’s how we are able to create the right solution for them!!.This foodie doesn’t only like to eat but he cooks some really great dishes!!



Accounts Consultant

Muni is our “Accounts Guru”, we have no idea why he loves maths so much. but, he gets it right all the time. A strange thing is he loves rowing.


Fatema M Bharmal

Admin Associate

She is the multi talented one!!!… Be it finance or administration she deals everything with ease. This all rounder likes interior designing and does that in her free time!!..



Office Admin Associate

Riyazudin is our admin who has witnessed Siam Computing’s growth for almost 2 years. As an office admin, he creates a comfortable and wonderful office atmosphere. Be it for professional or personal help, he is always there to lend his helping hand. We all love calling him as chacha

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