Customised e-commerce app development

Uniqbees – Customised e-commerce app development

An online store especially for personalised products built on PHP using opencart online store management system.

Uniqbees is an online shopping centre which specialises on personalised goods that are customised depending on the buyers’ needs.

Problem Statement

For buyers to purchase goods that are designed exclusively for them, UniQBees wanted to establish an e-commerce platform where products were personalised on demand so that the buyers had their say in the outlook of the things that they buy by uploading pictures and mentioning the texts that they want on their goods.


We built an android application acting as an e-marketing platform where the customizable part of a product is mentioned so that customers can design and enter data online on how they want the products to be personalised. The products are then designed based on the inputs and delivered to the customer.

For example, if you are buying a bag, in the product page you can customize the color, name, tag, cliparts etc that should appear on the bag.

  • The key feature is that the buyers decide how the things that they buy should look like and the products are customised based on what each individual wants out of the goods that they purchase.
  • Another attractive trait is the postion of “consultant”. Those who join as a consultant can earn money as commission when buyers approach UniQBees through them.
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