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Our Team

Khuzema Siam


With his bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering, he started Siam Computing to automate things and make it work more efficient. Firmly believes that the best products are ones, where engineering meets design in equal measure.
Fav Quote – “Good Enough Is Not Great”

Satish Rajendran

VP of Engineering

Satish is our VP of Engineering and Co-Founder. He’s the bridge between the clients, projects, and the teams. With over 10 years of corporate experience under his belt, he brings in loads of entrepreneurial enthusiasm to Siam Computing!

Murugesa Pandian


Meet the Boy-Wonder, a Tech Guru, and our Chief Geek Officer. He easily gets away being both cool and serious at work. Above all, he is a world-class mentor for all our technology lovers!

Pradeep Bala

Team Lead

One of our lead tech geeks. He has hands on experience on various projects using Angular and Node. He also deals with back ends like MySql, Mongo and Neo4J. Apart from exploring technologies, he maintains a serious relationship with food.

Randy Praveen Kumar

Quality Analyst

Randy is the gatekeeper of Siam Computing! As a Tester, he masters in finding invisible bugs, before delivering the project. If we could convert him into an equation he is “Funny+ Sincere-give up”. Random fact: Big time movie buff. A dedicated Margot Robbie fan

Shakthi Kumar

Web Developer- WordPress

Our lead WordPress Developer. He holds the record for most bug-free projects.. Though he works cool during the crucial times, less spiciness in his food is enough to loose his temper. It is unbelievable to learn that he loves to play leg cricket.


Web app Dev

Hemavathy has been our PHP developer for more than 2 years. She has a magic of converting an outline into a developed web applications.

Khadija Khuzema

HR / Admin / Finance Manager

Khadija holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce and takes care of finance, human resources and administration. She spends her leisure time by doing a lot of craft works and Nicholas Sparks is her favorite writer.


HR Associate Manager

Rama is a Post Graduate in MA HRM and she does a remarkable job in recruiting fresh talents to our team. As an Hr Associate Manager, she watches over the HR generalist activities and organizes various team events which are part & parcel of her favorite ‘Employee Engagement program’!! This amateur cook has a craze for exotic stuffs.


Office Admin

Riyazudin is our admin who has witnessed Siam Computing’s growth for almost 2 years. As an office admin, he creates a comfortable and wonderful office atmosphere. Be it for professional or personal help, he is always there to lend his helping hand. We all love calling him as chacha


Web app Dev

A computer science graduate and a poet, Buhardeen is a big time cake-PHP developer. During his free time, he learns new technologies and teaches the same to our newbies.

Navin Joseph

Sr Developer

Navin is a Laravel specialist. Being a smart developer himself, he clearly understands the problem statement and quickly identifies an easy way to solve it. This keen photographer and a lone traveler has climbing Himalayas as his only bucket list. Hiding Beethoven with his 12+ years of musical experience. Holds Trinity college of London certificate of music and runs a band.

Muhammed Haroon

Web app Dev

His love for hardware motivated him into becoming an Engineer. Being an excellent developer himself, Haroon has strong skills in Cake-PHP, AngularJS, and MongoDB. One who hates petting. He loves fishing and grills his own catch, fan of Bear Grylls maybe.

Ellwin Roosevelt

Quality Analyst

Watch out for this enthusiastic man. His eyes works an extra microscopic, when it comes to find bugs. Under his supervision, he assures to deliver bug-free products. What really surprising is, apart from being a fun-loving guy he loves giving nightmare to our developers.


Sr Developer

Our senior developer who loves to analyze every aspect of the project requirements. Be it for PHP, AngularJS or CakePHP he is a wizard with languages. He has been working hard to ensure, the applications have the right structure before he builds. He is sincerely learning to play guitar and it was his long time goal.

Ranjith Kumar

Sr Developer

Our time-keeper. His enthusiasm makes it easier for him to work along with our team. He believes in researching anything in deep, and that in turn helps him to spot what is actually needed for the project.


PHP Developer

Kalpana discovered her niche in coding, while studying Computer Science and Engineering. Having strong knowledge of AngularJs and MySQL, she loves using PHP for coding. During her leisure time, she enjoys reading Ravinder Singh’s books.

Deepika Mol

Web app Dev

She is our CakePHP specialist. A very energetic and sincere developer, who is on target when it comes to delivering on time. Apart from web development, she excels in Mehendi designing.

Ram Babu

Front End Developer

Ram finds new ways to solve problems in Front-End Development. He makes our apps and websites beautiful and aligned with world-class technology standards! He enjoys digging into details for better designs.

Siva Thirumal

Front End Developer

Siva is one of our Senior Front-End Developers. Sometimes he amazes us remaining cool even while doing high pressure work. He is someone who can help us to understand and predict our works from client’s point of view.


Front End Developer

With the passion for designing, he excels in Front-end development. He spends his leisure time in animating, drawing and sketching. When he is not working, he loves listening G.V. Prakash’s music. On repeat mode!

Vikram Tamil Selvan

Dot Net Developer

Vikram chose to strengthen himself in his technology skills and unlike everyone he preferred .NET over HTML and CSS. He loves playing street cricket and Sachin Tendulkar is his cricket guru. He loves petting animals no matter its size and owns a cow and a small goldfish!

Mani Sankar Sarma Dupaty

WordPress Developer

With Masters in Information Technology, from James Cook University, Singapore, his passion towards coding brought him here. He managed to learn WordPress in a very short span of time and now a notable developer of our team. Loves reading novels, articles and learning emerging technologies.

Sathish Kumar Kanna

Web app Dev

With the background of Laraval and Cake-PHP, Sathish is our PHP all-rounder. He is always on lookout for the next challenge. Apart from being a techie, he has a soft corner for music. He is secretly learning western music now.

Raj Kumar


Somewhere in between watching Disney movies and playing guitar, Raj Kumar realized his passion for web development. In his college symposium he realized that he has a special interest towards coding. And now being a strong php developer he also loves to code using NodeJS and AngularJS.

Vignesh Prabhu

Web app Dev

Leaving behind the marketing world, Vignesh joined our team to pursue his technology thirst. With a good understanding and analyzing skills, he now is a significant developer of our team specializing at PHP, METEOR, AngularJS, jQuery, OpenCart and WordPress. During his free time, he loves to bury himself into reading fantasies or writing blogs.

Sangeet Samuel

Business Analyst

It almost took him a year before joining in to find a comfy corner at Siam Computing. With his strong understanding skills and business analytics, he masters in learning our clients requirements. It may sound unusual, but he goes to forests for some real thrill. Alone!


IOS Developer

Book worm in general, he loves exploring his knowledge by learning new technologies every now and then. It is not big surprise that he loves developing a product all by himself. He worships two things: Biriyani that motivated him to cook and Lionel Messi who inspires him in day-today life


Android Developer

He has played a vital role in developing Hisabing and loves exploring the possibilities on the android ecosystem. If he is found missing from his place, he probably is learning something from someone.

Muthu Kumar

Front End Developer

As a front developer, he is behind the scenes of creating some splendid, responsive and unique designs for websites. No wonder he is our Cool Guy. He is a die hard M. S. Dhoni fan.


Account Manager

Srinath works as an account manager and has half a decade of prior experience in client management. He also takes care of content marketing and aims to deliver projects on time. He relaxes himself by travelling and exploring new places.

Devershi Gupta

Field Sales Executive

This charming young chap is a hisabing find. Being a field sales executive, his short term goal is to increase the sales of the product and reach as many people. When he is not working he loves spending the time in travelling and photography (wildlife).


Technical Support- Hisabing

This newbie holds a bachelor degree in Engineering, and started her career with us as Technical Support consultant. She features hisabing’s to our networks via Social Media and supports marketing too. She is quiet in nature but her lovable dog, Tommy isn’t.