MSB – Analytics for a fast growing school .

MSB is one of the leading pioneers in the education space. They regularly employ experts to help them identify areas of improvement and then get busy implementing new schemes.

One such engagement was with us, wherein they were shifting their pedagogy to Knowledge – Understanding – Application oriented. In light of that, they wanted to build a robust system that would allow them to keep a repository of questions , generate question papers, record marks and more importantly analyze the data to know where exactly the school stood.

We are building them a system in which they can dive deep and understand granular details of a student, for instance, student x has consistently performed well in physics but when it comes to ‘gravity’ his marks dip. Or for instance a teacher ‘y’ has consistently over the years always fared higher in a particular topic, so her way of teaching a particular concept must really be working.

We are building them a system using which, they can generate the right data to help them make informed decisions towards improving the performance of the school.

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